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Influenced by his grandfather Mr. Vasantrao Bombatkar (Sarvodaya leader) since childhood, Ashish had read the literature written by Mahatma Gandhi and the great saint Vinoba Bhave. He was touched upon by their teaching that “youths should serve the villages as real India lives in villages”. A young lad in 7th standard, he decided to become a doctor and serve the rural part of India. In his younger years, while still in high school, Ashish had an opportunity to attend “Shram Sanskar Shibir” organised by great social worker Baba Amte. All above laid a strong foundation for his future social life.

As a medical student,  Ashish visited various rural and tribal health projects run by Dr.Prakash and Dr.Manda Amte ; Drs. Abhay & Rani Bang, Dr. Ravindra Kolhe, Dr. Sudarshan, etc. His visits to tribal areas helped him realize that the tribal areas need medical facilities to a much larger extent as compared to rural areas in our country. He decided to start hospital at Melghat.

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