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Sambodhi Research and Communications helps create high-impact knowledge and catalyze accountability in the public domain through its project management and monitoring and evaluation solutions. At Sambodhi, we offer objective, evidence-based support to implementers, government, donors, and corporates. Over the past decade, we have emerged as a pioneer for developing cutting-edge methodologies for evaluation of large-scale development interventions. With a close-knit team of 100+ professionals, we work across South Asia, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Headquartered at Noida (Delhi National Capital Region), India, we have full service regional offices in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Dar-e-Salam (Tanzania). Sambodhi provides services to federal agencies, donors, foundations, and corporates, in areas of public health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, water and sanitation, environment, and renewable energy. We have made valuable contribution in monitoring, learning and evaluation programs and have influenced development policies and improved implementation efficiency.

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