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About TRY India

TRY, is an outcome of initiative and dynamism of changing the perspective of the society and to serve them in terms of filling the discrimination and lacking wherever required. TRY was founded by Utpal Dutt in the year 2004 which works in various sectors such as climate changes, skill development, and livelihood promotion and also in various development sectors nationwide. TRY is affiliated to different stratum and inherits the rich multi-disciplinary resource based event and programme to build capacity in different sectors of sustainable development.

Mission & Vision

To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats the community and to accomplish paramount and long lasting changes in precise life. To improve the endowment of the refused admittance of the society and to make every human attain their rights to survive, develop and participate. TRY also emphasizes on equal citizen rights.

What We Do in Try India

Water and Sanitation

TRY has been involved in the water conservation and sanitation sector strategy and package on fluorosis control as part of the National Technology Mission on Drinking Water

Waste Management

Waste management initiatives at TRY started in 2004 when it, along with other organizations, participated in a forum called the Committee for Clean Patna.


Our Health Care Management Service recognizes the problem that fraud and other deliberate or accidental misconduct in the health care industry pose to society,and seeks to eliminate them completely.

Education For Children

The Centre develops, coordinates and conducts a number of educational programmes for school children, in both formal and non-formal streams of education.

Available Jobs

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