Vital Strategies India Services Private Limited


About Vital Strategies India Services Private Limited

Vital Strategies India Services Private Limited is a social enterprise focused on strengthening and revitalizing public health systems to address the leading causes of death, disease, and injury We deploy our unique world class technical  expertise and global experience to design and support scalable solutions that can  bridge the gap between public health needs  and their solutions,  with a focus on rapid large scale impact. We leverage our core strengths in the areas of  public health Intelligence to strengthen the collection and use of data for informed government  action,  strategic communication to build awareness and behavior change, Institutional strengthening  and Innovative financing .  In addition to our topical areas of focus – noncommunicable diseases, environmental health and climate change, injury prevention, social determinants of health we also prioritize work that aims to strengthen the fundamental, foundational dimensions of public health practice that enable governments to tackle and respond to any public health challenge . 

Health systems strengthening