June 21, 2024

Apply by: 7th July 2024

Location: Hardoi Region
Programme: Home Based Nutrition Camps in District: Hardoi region
Type: Full time
Reports to: Program Manager

Organisation profile

Development Consortium (DC)- www.devcons.org is a non-profit organization (registered in India), dedicated to working with young people and vulnerable communities across India – empowering them to overcome health, education and rights, abuse & injustice issues. At the very core of our existence is the belief that a better future for humanity depends on our capacity to harness change. It is the building of this capacity that is at the heart of our working model. 

DC firmly believes that influencing behavior change is critical to the success of an impactful program. Many programs run into cultural traditions and taboos that result in constituents resisting an initiative that might dramatically improve their lives. In many cases, the solution is a matter of sequencing, where opening constituents’ minds to a program’s promise precedes efforts to execute the program itself. At the core of most of our intervention designs is a process to encourage beneficial behavior change, without taking the paternalistic approach of imposing the change on constituents. These could be a mix of approaches such as engaging constituents directly, by enlisting local, trusted peers to investigate cultural norms and elicit change from within the community; or to impact constituents indirectly, by incentivizing critical collaborators to change their behaviors.

3.       Job description

  • Responsible for the on-ground implementation of the project.
  • Coordinate and ensure smooth execution of program activities in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Conduct field visits to support activity implementation.
  • Liaise with partners to document relevant lessons, including human interest stories, as directed by Programme and Project Lead.
  • Collect content such as images and videos from field visits as directed by the Project Lead.
  • Document programme activity progress in order to develop follow-up action plans and monitor and evaluate outcomes.
  • Prepare and deliver weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to the Project Manager.
  • Identify suppliers of raw materials for nutritional pre-mix.
  • Ensure quality maintenance throughout the program.
  • Procure packaging materials and manage logistics for efficiency and consistency in the supply chain.
  • Liaise and coordinate with the project team and local officials to organize medical camps and community meetings.
  • Identify, train, motivate, and closely supervise on-the-ground team members and peer educators.
  • Ensure effective information dissemination, strengthened pre-mix Nutri-mix distribution, follow-up, and monitoring.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly reports for the project location based on the necessary data points.
  • Identify and maintain the project office or storage facility for secure keeping of food items.
  • Perform administrative and operational tasks for programme activities as needed.
  • Identify the vendors for local procurement.
  • Manage and maintain the vendor’s quotations and invoices.
  • Maintain the stock register and other records as allocated by the programme manager.

4.       Eligibility criteria (Experience, educational qualifications, skill sets required)

  • At least 2 years of experience in health sector.
    • Functional ability to use a computer and software like MSWord, MS Excel
    • Ability to save files and images for reporting
    • Ability to generate reports as per formats provided
    • Deep understanding of Hardoi, including terrain, demography, and Government offices
    • Ability to work with women as colleagues as well as target audience for programmes
    • Ability to identify, recruit, train, motivate and manage a team of Field Officers
    • Aligned with the project lead and state programme lead
    • Able to handle pressure.
    • Having own 2-wheeler will be appreciated.

5.       Work location: Hardoi region, UP

6.       Last date of application: 7 July, 2024

7.       How to apply: Interested candidate via the Google link:  apply here      

8.       Remuneration details: Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 35,000 per month CTC, all inclusive. Travel allowance will be additional.

2 years
Work Level
Employment Type
Full Time
INR 25,000 - INR 35,000 per month CTC, all inclusive. Travel allowance will be additional.
Development Consortium (DC)
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