Lung Care Foundation


About Lung Care Foundation

We are a Guinness World Record-holding social impact trust dedicated to the cause of promoting lung health in India. We are developing lung health services and programs and advocating for clean air by highlighting the health ill-effects of Air Pollution, Dust, Smoking and Poor Lifestyles.

Since our inception in May 2015, we have been working in India and across the Globe with Government stakeholders, UN Bodies, policymakers, NGOs, civil society organizations and think tanks.

We have a nationwide presence through a network of Doctors, trained and committed to advocate for Clean Air and Climate Action. Our initiative Asthma Management Manual for Schools, available in 11 Indian languages, has been adopted by the Central Government of India for implementation across over 100,000 schools, impacting the lives of millions of students.

Our impact has been appreciated by the President and Prime Minister of India, and many International bodies along with senior UN Dignitaries. We have been playing an active role in saving lives of people, during Covid times, through dissemination of right information along with serving through medicines, machines and protective gears.

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